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Burn The Fat

Fat Blocker Drugs (Xenical) to review the counter? Are you kidding?
Dear Friend,

This week, instead of responding to one of the thousands of fat loss questions I receive every week, I felt compelled, not only, but a moral obligation to comment (rant) about what you really think about the "blocking fat 'is drug Xenical over the counter (OTC) (and diet drugs in general).

According to the headlines this week, Xenical may become the first on the diet pill without prescription.

Xenical is a prescription drug is currently only approved by the FDA for weight loss, which works by blunting fat absorption by blocking the digestive enzyme lipase.

The prescription version of Xenical blocks the fat pill made by Roche was originally approved in 1999. A year ago, GlaxoSmithKline bought rights to the United States of Roche's Xenical

On 24 January, federal health advisers voted 11-3 to recommend approval of over-the-counter sales of a version (a lower dose) of Xenical, after hearing all day.

GlaxoSmithKline expected before the end of the year, this litte blue fat blocking pill will be available at your local pharmacy without a prescription.

If the FDA gives final approval, which could take months, the over-the-counter version, called Alli (pronounced "ally")

What is Xenical (Alli), and what does it do?

Generally, the weight loss drugs are designed to curb your appetite. Xenical is something totally different: It prevents some of the fat you eat from being absorbed - it simply passes through your digestive system.

In case you're wondering, yes, there are potentially uncomfortable and embarrassing gastrointestinal side effects including: oily discharge, leakage, urgency, flatulence, oily spotting, loose stools, incontinence ...

Oh, forget political correctness ... sh ** can be pants! (Still excited about this "wonder pill?")

An appetite suppressant or a thermogenic is not a long term solution to obesity either, but could at least have some value in certain circumstances, when the delivery cost of risk is acceptable.

Xenical on the other side? This drug is just stupid and so is the idea of ​​what is over the counter.

The truth is, if you are really thinking long term, especially if they are suffering from morbid obesity, and ... the necessity of last resort, then

Take a pill - any pill - weight loss is down right STUPID.

The drugs do not "cure" diseases. Medicine can not cure. Drug hide. Just because you sweep the dirt under the rug does not mean your house is still very dirty.

A medicine can only temporarily alleviate symptoms. Key word: temporarily.

Did you ever consider for a moment that body fat is a symptom?

A symptom of inactivity.
A symptom of poor nutrition.
A symptom of the accumulation of poor lifestyle.

Drug use is like cutting the leaves of weeds to try to keep weeds from your garden, but the only way to keep weeds from your garden is to get them in the bud!

In addition, all drugs - including prescription medicines - side effects - side effects may be very serious. That does not mean that you should never take any medication. This means that you should consider the risk-benefit ratio of drugs taken before making a decision.

When you combine a nutritional support program that feeds and maintains healthy muscles, consisting of natural foods, unprocessed, with an exercise program for life that burns fat, then you have a long-term health . This is the only true way to remove weeds out obesity by the roots.

Making this medicine without a prescription is a big mistake. Why?

Well, first, if it is counter, you can encourage people to start to become fat phobia again.

It went through a decade of low-fat diets and ... and then go through another decade of low carb diets?

Are we now going to go through another phase of the fat phobia? A balance of macronutrients is not ideal, eliminating a food group, either fat or carbs or whatever. Think of the balance!

Dietary fat does not make you fat, and most people are sadly lacking good fats, healthy essential as those found in fish, fish oil and flax. Fat blocker use will lead to lower absorption of good fatty acids so necessary for good health.

Second, this drug also has great potential without a police presence misuse and abuse if you are on the counter.

Jim Foster, the excellent com site says: "This will not help those who already have problems with abuse of laxatives A number of groups is concerned, will be used as medicinal -.. bulimia binge on encouraging young people"

In his blog article, 'Xenical Over The Counter: big mistake? "Foster continues ..

"In the MSNBC site, there is an overwhelming vote of confidence for the drug. Of the more than 132,000 votes 59% say they try, because" ... I can not lose those last 10 pounds. "Of course, these results are very skewed as the people reading this article are those with an interest in drugs. Still, these results are worrying. I firmly believe that a drug like this should be prescribed by a doctor. This movement simply enforce the quick fix. Xenical mentality is already guilty of a series of aggravating ads in Canada -. attempt to attach the drug glamor "

Third Xenical and Alli, if approved, may encourage people to eat more fat, refined sugar junk foods instead of less, as they may be thinking of it not even be absorbed.

Fourth, another issue is that intake of fat soluble vitamins that go right you know what, along with the fat. Doctors usually recommend a multivitamin supplement in patients taking Xenical for this reason.

You know what I think? I think this is the greed of pharmaceutical companies, plain and simple pandering directly to the "something for nothing" attitude that pervades our society.

It is also a desperate attempt to revive a bad loser drug that many people have taken a step in recharge due to unwanted side effects and ineffectiveness in the long term.

If a doctor told you had diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol ... or suffering from depression, what would your answer be?

I'm not sure that I'm, but most people, especially Americans, immediately say, 'OK what medicine should I take? "And the doctor rushed to prescribe.

Many doctors and health professionals consider obesity as a disease the world's largest, and they say it should be treated as such.

The truth is that obesity is one of the world's largest companies and is being treated as such!

Weight loss is potentially the biggest market on earth for the sale of drugs, and the stakes could hardly be greater.

Glaxo estimated that 5 to 6 million Americans a year to buy the drug if offered over the counter. Those numbers could mean at least $ 1.5 billion annually in retail sales.

Glaxo also says that Alli would cost $ 12 to $ 25 per week. Sounds like a hundred dollars a month down the toilet (literally!) If you ask me.

But what about research? Clinical trials showed that patients taking Xenical lost an average of 5. 3 to 6.2 kilos more than the weight that the group took a placebo.

In clinical trials, 6 months for the project over the counter drugs, patients with Alli lost 4 to 5 pounds more than the group taking a placebo

What do I think about that?

Perhaps the women ate less fat, because of fears that eating feces fat = leakage. In a website, a patient responding to a survey, said, "The drug forced me to avoid fatty foods if I wanted to keep my clean underwear. I lost a lot weight. (Nice)

Perhaps some of the issues considered in the studies was not working so he left school. Studies of the diet drugs have high drop rates, so the rest of the people were the ones who got the best results.

Perhaps if the control group and the placebo group were placed on the same caloric intake, the group taking Xenical lost more weight, simply because fewer fat calories in the diet is absorbed!

Do you think if they were not in a controlled study in which food intake is controlled, you really control your drinking, or you would be more likely to eat plenty of oily waste and who thought their body absorb it?

Translation: the study results are partial, biased and misleading

The end result?

My advice to all our doctors good doctors out there: start exercise prescription and sensible eating first, and drugs as a last resort. Failure to fatten the wallets of the pharmaceutical companies.

My advice to legislators and government agencies involved: You are making a big mistake to take this drug without prescription. Keep prescription only, at least doctors can monitor and "police" use and not abused adolescents and people with only 30.10 pounds to lose do not really need it.

My advice to all who want to become healthier and thinner:

"Burn the fat feed the muscle." Have your Mantra!

You have to exercise (BURN) and you have to eat (FEED). If you do these two things at the time, even if the pharmaceutical giants are on a pill is really safe and actually works, you can save your money do not need it!

Train hard, eat well and expect success,

Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS
The Fat Loss Coach


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